As a PR professional, I can tell you that securing press coverage isn’t enough anymore. You also have to make it highly visible. This seems obvious, but it’s surprising how many companies inadvertently bury their press coverage. You work so hard to get it, so it’s in your best interest to make sure people see it.

Show yourself!

With so many avenues to put your brand front and centre, a single media opportunity can result in multiple touchpoints with the public – your potential clients. Needless to say, your press hits should be included in every communication channel that’s available to you.

Does your website prominently feature the press coverage you secure? If not, get on that. Be sure to position it on your blog, or have a dedicated “media” landing page to publish clips and interviews. Then, put it all on social media.

Speaking of social media, social mentions of outlets that have covered you is a good start. Tagging encourages sharing, which results in more eyes on your brand. Beyond that, be sure to include quotes and links to the coverage secured.

Promote coverage to current customers via email newsletters. If your clients have subscribed to your comms, this presents a perfect opportunity to put yourself out there. Many companies have created newsletters to stay in touch with old and new customers. Press clippings are valuable to current customers, because it reminds them of how great your company is. Everyone wants to feel like they have made good choices, so knowing that other influential voices agree with your decision is a confidence booster.

Then, take it offline and include your press coverage in sales calls and other presentations. This is part of your portfolio, and it reflects positive public perception of your brand and the work you’re doing.

All press is good press.

What press coverage are you showcasing? Feature clips from outlets of all sizes. At Eventful PR, we work to secure major national press for all of our talented clients and brands. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect smaller regional or industry-specific media outlets. Remember: no press coverage is too small. In addition, this “smaller,” more intimate coverage is also likely to have a bigger influence on potential customers.

Your customers were impressed enough to become customers in the first place. Sharing press coverage reinforces that decision and reminds them that others agree. It also keeps their eyes on you, and off of your competition.

Leverage the spotlight that your PR efforts are bringing to your brand. In all honesty, your media coverage is part of your portfolio, so maximize its potential – and let it sing your praises!