Behind every successful social media strategy is a set of tools and apps that help keep you organized and on track. With so many options out there, which ones yield the best results? It’s also tricky to find out which apps you might need if you aren’t even certain what they can do for your business. Here is a list of my top four favourite tools that are an absolute must for your social media strategy.

1. Scheduling App – Later 

If you’re looking to save time, having an efficient and user-friendly scheduling software like Later is an absolute must! Later allows you to schedule short-form video, single image and carousel posts without having to manually post them to your social media platforms yourself. They also have an amazing blog that keeps you up to date on trends, new IG features and so much more. Later can be used on your desktop as well through their app on our mobile device.

2. Graphic Creation – Canva 

Canva is a free online design tool that combines graphics, photo editing and layouts to create posters, social media graphics, logos, business materials and so much more. Canva can be used on your desktop as well through their app. They have a massive library of templates that you can customize or you can start with a blank canvas and create your own.

3. Video Editing – InShot

InShot is a free app that makes video editing a breeze. Inside InShot, you can edit videos and images, add text and music and cut, delete or slip videos. While InShot can be used on a mobile device only, it gives you an in-depth look at how the finished product will be experienced on mobile social media platforms.

4. Storage – Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage system that makes sharing and storing documents, images, and videos a breeze. If you are working with a team, Google Drive can make collaborations easy. Google Drive can be used on your desktop as well through their user-friendly app.

Have you tried any of these tools or apps to help develop your social media process? The biggest tip that I can give you is to explore different options and find the tools that work best for you creatively and that work for your business. Don’t be afraid to shop around and experiment with what works for you.


Let’s face it: there are a lot of posts out there. A lot of business owners struggle to compete with not only their competition, but with the other millions of posts that exist on various platforms at any given time and wonder how they can truly stand out? And not only stand out, but encourage your audience to take the next step. The next time you’re about to write your next scroll-stopping caption for Instagram or Facebook, ask yourself “Are these key items included?”

THE HEADLINE – With all of the aimless scrolling, it takes a significant headline to stop people in their tracks and take time to read what you have to say. A powerful and maybe even shocking statement. Your goal is to stop the scroll and draw your audience in to read more.

THE HOOK – Now that you have their attention, you need to keep it! The hook follows after the headline and usually is the second sentence in the caption. Your goal now is to keep their attention. Draw them in and don’t forget to support the headline.

THE BODY – This is the best part. The body of a caption is where you can truly show off. This is where you can educate your audience through tips and tricks and inspire your audience by telling a story either about yourself, your clients or a project. Make sure that you are providing plenty of value to validate that they made the right decision by reading your caption.

CTA (Call To Action) – You’ve come this far, now don’t leave them hanging! A Call To Action is a statement or question within your post found usually at the end of your caption that encourages your audience to take action. Typically people won’t take action unless you ask! A call to action will not only boost your engagement but also help you maintain and establish relationships with your audience and ultimately convert leads into customers.

Overall, a successful social media post will capture and maintain your reader’s valuable attention, provide them with plenty of value, and leave them feeling inspired and empowered to take the next steps in your business.

By Portia Chambers

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