Victoria + Albert expands on the popularity of its Barcelona Collection with two new freestanding tubs that combine beauty and practicality. The Barcelona 2 and Barcelona 3 reflect the same distinctive aesthetic inspired as the popular Barcelona tub, which is inspired by the architecture of its namesake city. The Barcelona Collection is typified by its flowing silhouette and modern rimless design. What’s new is actually unseen but quite significant.

A void space underneath both tubs conceals waste plumbing, making them a smart choice for remodeling projects where the tubs can be installed without disturbing existing flooring – ideal for both homes and hotels.

The Barcelona 2 is the most compact tub in the collection, allowing it to be installed in smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium and high design standards are valued. The Barcelona 2 measures 66-7/8” long and 31-½” wide with a roomy depth of 16”. Its sister tub, the Barcelona 3, is slightly larger at 70-½” long and 34” wide and 17-1/8” deep- ideal for a nice relaxing soak.

As a leading British brand, Victoria + Albert is known for its beautiful designs and exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Discover the elegance and ease of their Barcelona Collection as well as their complete line of freestanding baths, basins, vanities and more. For more information, visit

About Victoria + Albert

Victoria + Albert Baths is a British company with a worldwide reputation for creating beautiful freestanding bathtubs, basins, faucets, furniture and accessories. Founded over 20 years ago, Victoria + Albert is regarded as the ultimate statement in quality and sophisticated style, with award-winning collections packed with inspirational designs. The company, headquartered in the UK, has offices in the USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Victoria + Albert Baths is renowned for its unique ENGLISHCAST™ material, made from a unique blend of Volcanic Limestone™ and high-performance resins in its wholly owned factories in South Africa.

Volcanic Limestone™ is Victoria + Albert’s name for the very special white rock that is perfect for making baths and basins. It is formed when the elemental forces associated with liquid magma act upon surrounding soft, chalky limestone. The immense heat and pressure from the magma transforms the neighbouring rock into a new material made up of incredibly hard strands. Finely milled Volcanic Limestone™ is blended with high quality resins to bind these strands into a complex 3D matrix. The finished result is ENGLISHCAST™ – a world-class stone composite that delivers unrivalled strength, durability and beauty:

Easy to clean. The naturally glossy white surface is easy to wipe clean.

Warm to the touch with high insulating properties, keeping your bath water warmer for longer.

Scratch and stain resistant. The naturally white, glossy surface is incredibly durable, and resistant to hair dyes and bath oils.

Strong. ENGLISHCAST™ is solid all the way through – more than twice as hard as acrylic with no creaking or flexing.

Lightweight. Surprisingly lightweight, the average weight of our baths is just 72kg.

Guaranteed. 25-year consumer guarantee, 8 year commercial guarantee.

Recipients of the prestigious Red Dot Award for their Amiata collection along with a GOOD DESIGN Award for their Eldon, Pescadero, Napoli and ionian tubs, Victoria + Albert raises the bar on exceptional product design. Victoria + Albert’s products have been specified in some of the most luxurious hotels and residences worldwide, from big global brands to boutique hotels. Recent hotel projects include W Hotel, InterContinental, JW Marriott, Mandarin Oriental, Viceroy Resorts, Rosewood Group, Waldorf Astoria and Fairmont.