We speak for our clients. Our clients speak for us...

“We worked with Eventful PR for a couple of years and were delighted with the coverage Sharyn and her team achieved for Victoria + Albert Baths. Sharyn has a deep understanding of the interior design industry, and has an impressive network of media and designer contacts. Exposure spanned social media, broadcast, traditional print and online media. Eventful PR also supported the brand at key events, including an exclusive media launch event in Toronto and support at IDS Vancouver. We appreciated the synergies Eventful PR was able to offer our brand by working in tandem with their roster of interior designer clients and contacts. I’d recommend Eventful PR to anyone who is looking for a results driven, hardworking PR agency to push their brand forward in the Canadian market.”

Emma Joyce, Brand Manager, Victoria + Albert Baths, Fortune Brands

“Over the years, my collaboration with Eventful PR has been truly exceptional. As an interior design photographer, I’ve seen firsthand the remarkable impact of their services on my clients’ professional paths. Eventful PR excels at streamlining web and social media presentations, leading to a seamless online presence for interior designers. Their dedication has resulted in features in prestigious international, local, and regional publications, elevating my clients’ profiles significantly. Moreover, Eventful PR’s efforts extend to securing valuable public speaking engagements, positioning my clients as industry thought leaders. This has enhanced their professional standing and contributed to a remarkable increase in brand awareness. In summary, working with Eventful PR has been transformative, with their holistic strategies spanning digital optimization, media coverage, and public speaking opportunities. I highly recommend their services to those seeking to amplify their presence in the design industry!”

Stephani Buchman • Interior/ Architectural, Photographer Canada

“I can honestly say, hiring Eventful PR is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my design firm.  Passionate, professional and extremely hardworking, Sharyn and her team consistently deliver results that exceed my expectations. Not only is Eventful PR masterful at telling our story, they have expanded our brand awareness on a local and national level within a very short period of time.  I am incredibly grateful for Sharyn’s guidance, expertise and the opportunities presented to continue to elevate my brand. If you are looking to level up your business and promote your brand on the big stage, I would recommend Eventful PR because, quite simply, they know how to get it done!”

Patti Wilson – CEO/Principal Designer, Patti Wilson Design

“Working with Eventful PR was what I needed to get my brand into my target marketplace. Through Sharyn’s connections, we were able to reach a national audience to gain awareness for our interior design services. They provide marketing content that is excellent for use through our social media channels and on our website. If you want your brand to be recognized, I would highly recommend working with Eventful PR team.”

Sarah St Amand, Principal Designer, Sarah St Amand Design

“They take the time to understand and work towards building your brand.

Eventful PR help to build up our interior design company and capture the clients we dream about!”

Lisa Kooistra – Principal Designer, Lisa Kooistra Design

“If you wish to be seen and noticed, Eventful PR will make it happen. Period.”

Diana Balanyuk, Principal & Creative Director • Diana Rose Design

“The team at Eventful PR never stops. They are true professionals that are well connected in the community. They were the spark our brand needed to expand into many other realms. We are so excited to see what our feature holds working with them.”

Michelle Berwick, Principal Designer • Michelle Berwick Design

“Sharyn is an outstanding PR specialist who consistently delivers exceptional results. With her extensive expertise and commitment to excellence, she and her team are a reliable and valuable partner for any businesses seeking effective PR strategies.”

Amanda Shields, Creative Director & Principal Designer • Amanda Shields Interiors

“From the moment we contacted Eventful PR, we knew we were in the right hands. Eager, determined to achieve our goals with targeted strategies right for our brand. We couldn’t be happier with the results achieved.”

Jennifer Backstein • Jennifer Backstein Interiors

“Having never engaged in a PR company I was unclear on how much time was required before we could start seeing results. The results were immediate and they have exceeded all my expectations. I especially appreciated how Sharyn took the time to truly understand my brand, and worked to ensure I was getting the right type of press that aligned with our company not just any press. She is thoughtful in her pitching and is a real pro!”

Louis Duncan-He, Creative Director and Principal • LDH Designs

“If you’re looking for extensive brand exposure and marketing guidance then we strongly suggest working with the team at Eventful PR. Having a professional firm take over our media and marketing planning made us realize that we were doing it all wrong. Sharyn is an expert in her field, offering a wealth of knowledge in the design industry. In addition to securing desired media features, the team has helped us to redefine and refocus on our story and most importantly, how best to tell it across all of our marketing platforms. The Eventful PR team has ensured that our brand is relevant and visible to the right audiences in a creative and proactive way. We look forward to growing our firms brand with this team.”

Eugenia Triandos, Principal and Co-Founder • Hibou Design & Co | Interior Design

“Eventful PR shares my passion for design and determination to grow my brand. Their experience, knowledge and expertise continue to impress. I have worked with Eventful PR for over 3 years and to say that they have elevated my business would be an understatement. Not only do they continually garner regional and national , international publicity for my Design firm, but Eventful PR also helped get me in front of new audiences speaking both at trade shows and industry conferences. Sharyn and her team work tirelessly for their clients and leave no stone unturned. I recommend Eventful PR to anyone looking to elevate their personal brand and get noticed!”

Rebecca Hay Founder & Creative Director • Rebecca Hay Designs Inc.

“As a magazine editor of Toronto-based interior design magazines for over a decade, Sharyn has always been my main go-to people when I need story ideas and beautiful design features to include within my publications. Sharyn understands the deadline-driven nature of magazines and is set up to deliver curated interiors from her roster of super talented Canadian  designer clients, seamless and engaging copy accompanied by stunning photography. She works tirelessly for her clients and will get you results.”

Silvana Longo • Design Journalist Toronto

“Sharyn first took the time to get to know us, our design firm, and our vision. She has been able to provide us with thoughtful feedback, and a variety of ways to ensure that our brand is visible, relative, and a true representation of us as individuals! We have been able to astronomically grow, develop, and define our mark and message in the design Industry, allowing us to establish not only a presence but a plan moving forward! Eventful PR has, in a very short period of time, delivered results and garnered a range of placements for our Firm. We could not be more excited about the present, and even moreso the future, with Eventful PR in our corner!”​

Aleem Kassam, Principal | Interior Designer • Kalu Interiors

As a publicist, Sharyn is one of the very best. Completely understands the meaning of deadline, a master of quick turnaround and always so helpful, if needing a credible source for an article, an idea for a column or an image to go with a story. Eventful PR / Sharyn is always not only a lot of fun to work with but most importantly, she gets it! Understanding the needs of a journalist is what makes a good publicist. She understands what our publication and our target audience require at all times. As well, she is amazingly well-connected, totally in touch with what is going on the lifestyle/home design industry – truly, a great source of content and ideas for us always.

Martin Slofstra, Editor New Homes, Real Estate and Decor • Post Media Group | Toronto Sun

From the beginning they understood how to get my company the attention it needed and deserved. Eventful PR not just gets you coverage but more importantly, the RIGHT mix of coverage and in front of the RIGHT audience. As a result of working with them, we now have garnered some great new design work and reached the clientele we were looking to attract. They have taken my personal brand to where it needed to be. You are in capable hands with this company!

Kate Davidson, Principal Designer • Kate Davidson Design

Eventful PR delivers! The knowledge and expertise is extraordinary. They work hard to get you noticed, and will certainly garner the publicity necessary for your business growth. I’m thankful for having met Sharyn Smith/Eventful PR. Her guidance, expertise and insight has proven to be a huge asset to my business. She truly knows and appreciates the design industry, and understands my business objectives. The entire team re-branded us and garnered key coverage within weeks. Sharyn is not only dedicated to her clients, she cares and goes the extra mile to consistently deliver immediate, high-end results.

Linda Mazur, Designer • Linda Mazur Design Group

Eventful PR Inc gets the job done.

They offered a vision and a clear concise understanding on how to take our brand to the next level and make it stand out in our industry. The firm is both knowledgeable, helpful, and truly determined to get your brand noticed!

Red Barrinuevo, Designer • REDESIGN4MORE

Sharyn is a strong, energetic powerhouse! What surprised me about her when I first met her, was her vast knowledge, understanding and appreciation of design! I always say you need to understand and believe in something strongly in order to be able to promote it! And that’s why Sharyn is so successful at representing her clients. It’s second nature to her. She will jump through hoops in order to represent her clients to their fullest. She can make things happen in very short deadlines and finds hidden opportunities. What I like most working with her and Eventful PR is knowing I can trust her, that I have someone who is competent in her field, and most of all, considers what is best for my brand and my firm. Sharyn truly understood how and what we needed to get our brand noticed and heard. Eventful PR not only exceeded my expectations but they took my business to another level!

Catherine-Lucie Horber, Designer • Principal of Royal Interior Design Ltd

Eventful PR not only provided us with great personalized attention, they took ownership of our brand as if it’s their own. With their extensive network of media connections, they got us noticed and heard! Not only are we getting results quickly, but they are providing us with a long-term business strategy to continually develop my personal brand to where it needs to be.

Dvira Ovadia, award winning and HGTV Designer • Principal Designer of Dvira Interiors

Eventful PR knows how to creatively get your brand story out there and heard by the right audience. Sharyn offered invaluable knowledge and guidance, and got our business the attention it deserved!

Sara Bederman • Principal Designer, Sara Bederman Design Toronto

As a media professional, I know first-hand, over the many years of working with Sharyn, that she is one publicist that is incredibly resourceful, and of course highly responsive to my needs as a journalist. The dedication to her clients and media contacts is apparent and I know we can always trust Eventful PR to provide amazing design and lifestyle stories that intrigue our publications readers.

Mark Switzer, Editor in Chief • On The Go Magazine

I have always known that PR is a crucial part to owning and running a business if you want it to be successful. You must have exposure; there are no ands, ifs or buts about it. For the longest time I thought, “Why do we need to pay someone to get more exposure?’ I was on TV, I am famous and gosh darn it. Everybody just LOVES me! I will just post on Facebook.” Yeah well… instead we became aimless and lost in the ‘social-verse.’ Sharyn grabbed us by the scruff of our necks, slap us back into reality and sent us on the path we should have been on all along. She is a force to be reckoned with. Her team knows how and what you need, and make sure you are heard above the noise. Sign up with Eventful PR and you will get noticed!

Terry Edward Briceland, Creative Dictator • teb Interiors

Sharyn Smith is a force unto herself. When the time comes – and it will – that you need someone to make sure that the media and the world know your business, Sharyn’s the one to call. She’s completely dedicated to her clients, as tenacious as a pit bull and as gentle as a poodle. Your message is safe in Sharyn’s hands.

Gale Beeby, Editor/Reporter • Toronto Star – Homes

When it comes to promotion, marketing and media opportunities, Sharyn Smith can move mountains for her clients. She’s a powerhouse in the industry, a networker extraordinaire, and with her on your team there is no way but up.

Linda Leatherdale, Sun Media Journalist, VP of Marketing and Business Development • Cambria

Sharyn Smith and her team at Eventful PR have been an asset to our business and a pleasure to work with. They are dedicated to our long term media plan and visions ahead. Our Toronto showroom launch was a great success due to their hard work and dedication. We trusted Sharyn and her team, and they delivered in a big way. The best part is that Sharyn cares about our success as much as we do. Now, that is hard to find.

Nick Candeloro, Co-Owner • Southport Outdoor Living

Sharyn Smith is not only a seasoned professional, who knows everyone worth knowing, but she also has that special touch that you can’t put your finger on. She always over-delivers, and her events are second to none. As for her clients, they are always prepared, relaxed and perfect interview guests. Sharyn has maintained her professional standards and credibility through years in the business, and is a go to for many. Always a pleasure to work with in any capacity.

Christine Bentley, Radio and TV Broadcaster

Only one publicist that comes to mind when I think of the words “passion and dedication”. That publicist is Sharyn Smith of Eventful PR. Her passion for the clients and products she represents far exceeds her job description. She is known throughout the design industry and among some of the top media outlets in the country as a woman who goes the extra mile for her clients. I plan and look forward to working with Sharyn and will continue to offer editorial coverage for the clients and products she represents for many years to come.

Marc Atiyolil, Editor-in-Chief • Canadian Home Trends Magazine

I love working with Sharyn for many reasons. She is passionate, a team player and very straightforward loyal. She will always go to bat for her clients, and I know they appreciate that. She is extremely knowledgeable in many fields, and I look forward to her continuing to have her assist me with a multitude of projects.

Josh Rosset VP Development • Homes Magazine

As a magazine editor, I have been working with Eventful PR Inc. for over a decade, we have an amazing work relationship! Sharyn is a hardworking, detail-oriented woman who brings her passion and love of the industry to each client she works with. I appreciate how timely and on-trend her content is and how professionally she handles each project. I can always count on Eventful PR Inc. for beautiful work from some of Canada’s best designers.

Sara Duck, Editor • Reno & Decor Magazine

Sharyn is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, creative, and will get your work quickly noticed and published! Always inventive, and resourceful to ensure we gain the publicity necessary for our business growth.

Paul Semkuley, Interior Stylist/Decorator • Resource Lifestyles

I want to clone Sharyn. She is an amazing publicist, adding a personal touch that so many of the larger firms are not able to do – going way beyond anyone’s expectations.

Taylor Kaye • National Canadian Radio & TV Personality

We have enjoyed working with the team at Eventful PR. They are both creative and proactive in their approach to our PR. They listen and delivered the right kind of coverage and marketing support that aligns with our overall marketing strategies. Established now new industry relationships and further growth from working with them.

Audrey Conrad, Drapery Designer • Specialty House Manufacturing Ltd.

She brings results. That’s what it’s all about. She knows the industry, the insiders, the press provided my firm with the valuable tools to build my business.

Evelyn Eshun • Interior Designer

Sharyn’s persistent approach, dedication, industry alliances and networking skills have made her an asset to us at Segreti Design. We value her expertise in every regard.

Heather Segreti, Interior Designer • Segreti Design

Eventful PR is a company that knows and understands how to tell your story to the people that need to hear it. Eventful PR has provided a consistently high level of service. We have an excellent relationship with the team, who clearly understand our business and our needs. They are truly committed to successfully communicating our brand values and promoting us to the right markets. If looking to enhance your company’s reputation, look no further than Eventful PR. they have been extremely creative and proactive right from the beginning.

Aisan Ahmadi Principal Designer • Creative Group Interiors Inc.

Sharyn Smith of Eventful PR has done things for our company that nobody else could do. She is dedicated, hard-working, and goes above and beyond any expectations we had. Within the first week of working with Sharyn, we had television spots that we had only dreamed of. We have tried for over three years to create a successful branding campaign for the company, and after working with Eventful PR we realized we could never have done it without Sharyn’s expertise. The results Sharyn gets cannot be compared to anyone else. Her knowledge, experience, and passion has no boundaries. Her work ethic is amazing, her response time is immediate, and her ideas are endless. We truly believe she can walk on water! Having Eventful PR and Sharyn Smith on our team will take our company to a whole new level.

Lee Anne Daniels, Presidentr • Gliding Shelf Solutions

Sharyn from Eventful PR has effectively built awareness around our brand in the Toronto design community and within her established network. She is a dynamic and results-oriented PR professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Dominique Roberge • TORONTO division BoConcept Toronto

She has fantastic relationships with the media and clearly is very well respected in her areas of expertise. Magazine coverage is always amazing. The small team that surrounds her has an unequalled attention to detail, so you can rest assured that nothing ever falls through the cracks.

Celebrity Chef Massimo Capra, Executive Chef • Co/Owner Mistura Restaurant and Sopra Lounge

It is always a pleasure working with Eventful PR, they are an exceptionally responsive agency that constantly shows dedication to their clients. Sharyn knows what kind of press a chef is looking for–and needs–and she got us the exposure required for our restaurant to succeed.

Celeb Chef Brad Long • Veritas Restaurant

Sharyn is an incredibly talented individual. Her focus and PR savvy led to the creation of many opportunities for Carpet One Floor & Home. Her attention to detail and top notch service are the pillars that keep Eventful PR on top.

Phil Yetmen, Director of Marketing • Carpet One Canada

Be prepared to get results if you hire Sharyn for your PR needs. To this date, I am wondering when she actually sleeps. She delivers, from conception to completion. Her ability to network ensures that everyone in your target market knows all about your company. If you are planning to reach out to someone, she is the expert to make it happen.

Kathleen Kelly VP Sales – Product Division • HOMES Publishing Group Associate Publisher – Reno & Decor Magazine

As a celebrity designer and guest expert on CityLine, I have worked with many PR firms, but hands down, when I needed a PR agency to represent me and my design studio, I turned to Eventful PR. Sharyn is very passionate and dedicated and has impressive contacts throughout the design community along with an in-depth understanding of the design industry. She has the innate ability to foresee my needs and can recommend and execute a plan of action that is manageable with my business schedule.

Yanic Simard, Principal Designer, City Line-Design Guest • Toronto Interior Design Group

For over a decade we have trusted Eventful PR to manage our events and every event, without exception, has surpassed our expectations.

Joanne Werstroh • Courtesy Chevy Toronto

I wouldn’t dream of having anyone else oversee our events! Our design showroom opening went off without a hitch and exceeded the expectations of our entire marketing team. From incredible catering, great sponsors and a whole new set of incredible business contacts, everything was flawlessly executed. Sharyn’s on-site management was amazing, and achieved all of our goals and objectives for the event.

Tonille Giovis, Sales Manager • York Fabrica

I couldn’t be more thankful to have had the opportunity of growing my business with the guidance of Sharyn Smith/Eventful PR. Having someone like Sharyn assist our team has been a huge asset and one I couldn’t do without. Tenacious, dedicated, and caring about the success of all of her clients, Sharyn gets results. She has not only far exceeded our expectations, but within a few months truly “got us noticed.” Couldn’t have elevated my brand without her.

Erica Gelman, Principal Designer • House of Design

Sharyn you rock!

Wendel Clark NHL Alumni •