Principal Publicist

Sharyn Smith

"You Create The Story. We'll Help Give It A Voice."

Sharyn Smith, Founder And Principal Publicist/Brand Manager Of Eventful PR

Sharyn Smith has a talent for developing and sustaining mutually beneficial, long-lasting media relationships – a pillar and pinnacle in the PR industry.

In her early days in the PR field, Sharyn quickly found her niche among interior designers, sharing a foundational belief that what makes interiors memorable is more than just how pretty it is. The real story is behind the design, is who it was designed for

Prior to founding Eventful PR  Sharyn honed her skills and developed partnerships at several leading PR firms based  in Toronto, where she worked as the lead Senior Publicist.  Over the years Sharyn has amassed a wealth of corporate sales, communications and corporate event management experience.

Sharyn’s strengths lie in assisting clients leverage cross-promotional opportunities and build their brand through strategic direction, positioning and evolution. Sharyn has a comprehensive portfolio of design and lifestyle clients, working closely with each to identify their goals and building their brands.

With a number of leading, well-known lifestyle brands and designers as clients, Sharyn’s strengths lie in assisting clients with cross-promotional opportunities as well as build their brand with strategic direction, positioning and evolution. Leveraging a well-established and wide-ranging network of PR, media and brand market connections, Sharyn helps her clients become household names, at home and around the world.

Sharyn’s resourcefulness has also made her an asset to many consumer, media and trade publications outlets across North America. Sharyn has worked alongside some of the most enduring brands. Her press relationships span a variety of sectors including interior design, luxury and lifestyle media platforms. Sharyn excels at finding ways to develop and sustain mutually beneficial, long-lasting media relationships, and has garnered coverage in the most respectable, sought-after media outlets in North America

Sharyn is best known for her experience and success in relating to interior design PR, including working with more than 30 Canadian interior design firms, designers and stylists. Sharyn has partnered with many notable national designers and brands, and has assembled a strong team of creative experts around her.

Her extensive industry knowledge and enviable contact book in the design, interiors, and lifestyle related world make her a force to be reckoned with.

“Working with some of the industry’s most creative thinkers has proven an endless source of inspiration, as I honed and expanded my own strengths.”

"Sharyn Smith is a force unto herself. When the time comes, and it will, that you need someone to make sure the media and the world know your business, Sharyn is the one to call. She is completely dedicated to her clients, as tenacious as a pit bull, and as gentle as a poodle. Your message is safe in Sharyn’s hands."

Gale Beeby, former Toronto Star, Homes Editor/Reporter,Current Editor Homes Magazines