Social media is quick, adaptive and inexpensive. With a small budget, you can devote as much time and energy as you want to sell your business. There is a massive temptation to do exactly that. Unfortunately, for your customers, that can get old. Fast. Your customers are constantly bombarded with messaging. Thousands of organizations are letting them know that they are the choice for_____. Much of that is completely ignored.

A more effective strategy for engaging your customers is providing them interesting content that relates to you, but isn’t about you. By offering relatable content that interests your audience, you are in fact engaging with them. You are building credibility by providing interesting, helpful information that is relevant to them now.

By turning your brand into a source of information for their needs and interests on social media you become a top choice when they are ready to make a buying decision. You also give them a reason to follow you and receive more relevant content that they share with peer groups. A technical advantage of this approach is that you can pull prospects to your website for more information. Once on your site, prospects are given opt-in opportunities, are segmented and provided more opportunities to interact and create conversions.

By taking an indirect approach to your messaging on social media you can create a rapport with your audience that complements and advances your other media efforts. So start creating and sharing content that helps grab your customers’ attention. For some inspiration, here’s a great site on how to implement your content on social media.