Video has become the dominant medium online. YouTube alone gets over 4 billion views per day.  With so many opportunities to interact with customers, and track that interaction, there’s little wonder why. Many businesses avoid getting into video because it’s expensive, or time consuming, or limited to just YouTube. Forget all that. There is a solution for every budget from simple iPhone videos, to full blown video productions.

The key to good video is a good message. You can have an explosion-ridden Michael Bay produced visual masterpiece, but unless your company sells some sort of explosion services, its all for naught without the right messaging.   Ask yourself, what is your video about? Better yet, ask what your video series is about. By aligning your videos with your overall branding strategy you can create simple effective videos that will engage your audience.

Do you have a passionate employee with a great story? A simple interview video is relatable and informative. Does your company make something unique? A quick video showing the process can help your clients understand your product and can be shot in one take with no edits. With Facebook Live you can stream an event to your audience in real time, creating an interactive experience.

How you create and deliver video is truly limited to your imagination. Adding relevant, timely and accessible videos to your online program will give you an effective communications tool and some real insight into your client base. With so many online resources, production companies and access to cost-effective equipment, you can easily start adding video to your overall online marketing strategy.

Happy shooting!