Erth Coverings Expands on Extensive Stone Veneer Collection Rock Face and Mountain Ledgestone Designs Define “Organic Modernist” Style Trend of 2019

Erth Coverings Expands on Extensive Stone Veneer Collection

Rock Face and Mountain Ledgestone Designs Define “Organic Modernist” Style Trend of 2019


Toronto  (January 8, 2019)–Erth Coverings is pleased to introduce two new styles to its extensive offering of stone veneer products for residential and commercial settings. The aptly dubbed “Rock Face” and “Mountain Ledgestone” veneers are a striking complement to the organic-modernist aesthetic that will be a defining aesthetic in 2019 and beyond.

Rock Face stone veneer features a natural split surface and sides, boasting a substantial visual weight that measures just one to one-and-half inches thick. Along these same “raw” lines, the new Mountain Ledgestone series features a rugged face and natural hewn edge that personifies a warm, cabin-inspired aesthetic.

Pictured above: Rock Face Collection in Smokey Mountain.

“Erth Coverings is always on the lookout for new alternatives, new opportunities and new methods. Forward-thinking and smart ideas motivate us. With Rock Face and Mountain Ledgestone, we’ve landed on something new with staying power in the Canadian marketplace,” says Ivan Rapa, President of Erth Coverings. “Erth Coverings was a pioneer in the introduction of natural stone veneers and panels to Canada, and we continue to garner the attention of consumers and designers by being at the forefront of design styles.”

A building renovator by trade, Rapa lived in Australia before immigrating to Canada in 1998 as a young adult. On a return visit to Australia in 2002, Rapa discovered a lightweight stone veneer product that wasn’t available in the Canadian marketplace. Later that year, Rapa brought the first container of stone veneer to Canada. Since then, Erth Coverings has evolved into a North American leader of manufacturing and distribution of high-quality natural stone veneers that are recognized for their superior quality, versatile aesthetic and design flexibility.

“Natural stone veneers are extremely popular, and offer a great dramatic way to add in some textural interest to interior or exterior spaces ” says celebrated Canadian designer and HGTV personality Rebecca Hay. “Organic materials will continue to trend inside and outside the home. Erth Coverings’ new patterns and colour palettes are a simple and beautiful complement to finishes such as wood, iron and matte black, which are so popular today.”

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Erth Coverings produces, imports, and distributes high-quality natural stone veneers, and in 2002 was the first company to bring natural stone veneer panels to Canada. Since its inception, the company has strived to be the best in every aspect of the design, production, and distribution  of natural stone veneers.  An innovative brand and a pioneer in the natural stone veneer industry, Erth Coverings is recognized around the globe and is preferred by renowned designers, architects, renovators, builders, stone cladding professionals and do-it-yourselfer’s throughout North America.  For more information about Erth Coverings, visit online at Call 647.846.8523 or toll-free 1.866.657.6606.

January, 2019