People around the world are rising up against inequality. If current events have taught us anything about our beliefs and convictions, it’s that real change will only come from real actions. Translation: don’t just say it, reflect it. We often remind our clients to remember the values you and your brand stand for. Ensure all of your platforms complement your position, now and every day ahead.

Perhaps now is a good time to re-think how you and your business can stand up against social injustice. Think about how your business can not just make a statement, but prove it with your actions. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Ensure your communication materials reflect what you stand for, such as diversity, equality and inclusion. Reflect this on your company website.

  • Are you willing to lose customers or detract prospects from hiring you, if you take a public stance on social injustices?
  • What kind of policy do you want to have in place for activists in your work place?
  • How will you react if an employee is arrested or a customer leaves because of something they’ve done or said, as it relates to social injustice?

These are all challenging questions to answer. But, just as we put social media policies in place, it’s important to do the same relating to policies around social injustice and employee activism. We encourage you to go beyond the silence and share and post content that educates starts the conversation on racial inequality.

As a Canadian small business we are proudly made up of diverse voices, ethnicities and cultures. Like you, we stand as an ally against racial injustice.

Below are some great links that offer additional reading materials and resources:   CANADA  – USA