If you have a presence on YouTube, then you likely know that creating great videos is only half the battle. If those videos aren’t getting views, then they’re a wasted effort. “The easiest way to do this is to create content that answers people’s questions. This type of video is the easiest to build a YouTube audience around,” according to ‘s article published on Maximize Social Business. “first asking yourself, “What are the questions that keep my target viewer up at night?” Ask your followers on social media what questions they have. Once you put together their questions and your list of your audience’s needs, it is important to do some research about those topics to see if they really are something that people are searching for. Research is important. Just because you think people want to learn about something, doesn’t mean they really do. Knowing what they are searching for is important because most views on YouTube are search driven. There are many different tools for doing research. I recommend using the Google keywords tool and the YouTube search bar. The goal is to find the keywords or specific phrases that people are looking for.”

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