You now have researched found the photographer and are ready to shoot your project. But before photo day, make sure you follow some of our tips for having a better shooting day.

Communicate first with your photographer. Read through their terms of use in the contract and negotiate in advance what you require from them and how many shots you need taken. TIP: You’ll need more photos than you think. Always account for a few extras.

It helps to have a list of what specific interior photographs you want for each room, and how many photos looking to have. Get different angles of a room and detail shots.

A pre-site visit helps you to get an idea of what areas you want to photograph. Take note of how the light comes in at certain times of day. Knowing the orientation of the house is especially important to share with your photographer. This info will help you avoid too much strong sun shining into a room at a given time of day, and can help you create a beautiful room shot where large windows can also capture the sunsets or rises, to naturally enhance the shot.

TIP: Keep the lights turned off for all photos of the interior of a house. This helps to create a natural feel and an even light temperature, meaning better photos. Having interior lights on also creates all sorts of shadows. These will appear on walls, floors, and furniture. It’s distracting and takes away from the actual interior design elements.

Vignettes and details tell your design story, so consider adding these to your shot list. They also offer additional marketing message images to use later on social platforms.

While less is definitely better, always add in additional small styling elements. When looking at pieces to add into the space, ask yourself if it adds value to the vignette. Ensure that the item is not too colourful or distracting from your designs or product shots. TIP: The camera loves layers, and we always recommend first adding fresh greenery to the photo. Elements like plants and flowers are minimal in terms of colour and texture, and above all, they offer great texture to a room.

Stand back and take a look around. Does it feel cluttered, or too empty? Does it feel natural? Take a few moments to ask yourself these questions and consider working with a interior stylist to ensure you have the right final look that is on brand.