Cross promotion is an effective and often inexpensive way to get your brand messaging in front of a wider audience. By linking your product or service with a similar or related product or service you leverage the existing audience and perception of each brand to help the other.

Cross promotion, when done right, has a number of positive benefits.  First and foremost, you open yourself up to a new audience who already relate to, have a need for, or interest in your market space.

Creating a strategic alliance with the right brand partner also offers real cost benefits. By leveraging each other’s client base, you are also taking advantage of their existing investment. Depending on how you approach your combined marketing strategies, cross promotion costs can be limited to almost nothing.

Even if an audience is already aware of your brand, cross promotion will often give them a different perception of your product. By pairing with a complementary product, customers will find opportunities to use your product differently and more often. They will also associate your brand with your cross promoted brand, and all its perceived attributes, including quality, style and value.

There are limitless ways to cross promote your business, no matter what kind of product or service you offer. The key is choosing the right partner, and then developing mutually beneficial communications strategies; cross promotion is a two-way street.