Creative Group Interiors Launches the Azman Designs Furniture Collection at IDS Toronto 2015



Creative Group Interiors Launches the

Azmah Designs Furniture Collection at IDS Toronto 2015


Toronto, Ontario – January 2015 – Launching at the Interior Design Show (IDS), the Azmah Designs Furniture Collection is designed and manufactured by Creative Group Interiors Inc. and incorporates recycling, sustainability, comfort, aesthetics, functionality and organic beauty into each piece. The 5 pieces in the collection incorporate authentic pieces from an original Dash8 airplane and will be on display from January 22 through January 25 at IDS Toronto 2015 in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building (255 Front Street West) in Booth 321 and are available for purchase. Visit and for updates and additional information on the Azmah Designs Furniture Collection.


“We want to make the world a better place to live for everyone through effective design, research and education, one space, one product and one client at a time,” says Aisan Ahmadi, principal Azmah Designs. “We believe everyone deserves to live in functional, beautiful and healthy spaces and have access to great products no matter the budget, style, location and available materials. Cutting costs in design services and products should not affect the quality of services provided or have a negative impact on human health, the environment and our economy.”


The Azmah Designs Furniture Collection is a line of handmade, one-of-a-kind original pieces that come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by all three designers.


Azmah Designs Coffee Table – MSRP $6,375

The Azmah Designs Coffee Table is made from hard maple and re-used original Dash8-100 PW120 engine gears. The natural finish on the coffee table is left as is and sealed with a water based sealer.

Fun Fact: New gears, like those used on each coffee table, cost $1,500 – $3,000 each.


Azmhn Designs Propeller Wine Rack – MSRP $14,750

The walnut base of the Azmah Designs Propeller Wine Rack is made from an original Dash8-100 PW120 engine impeller and the wine rack is made from a Dash8-100 propeller. The walnut base was left in its original condition, sealed with a water based sealer and has an LED remote control colour changing light which lights upwards to illuminate the piece.

Fun Fact: If new, the impeller on this piece would cost $145,000 and the propeller would cost $72,000.


Azmah Designs Wing Desk – SRP $16,000

The Azmah Designs Wing Desk is made from the centre part of the wing of a Dash8 Airplane and the legs are made from hard maple.

Fun Fact: The original price of an airplane wing is $25,000


Azmah Designs Galley Bar – SRP $14,625

The Azmah Designs Galley Bar comes from the cabin storage of the Dash8 Plane and has been reconfigured for a home bar. Perfect for small spaces, it is custom designed and hand finished in the original designer high gloss MDF finish.


Azmah Designs Comfort Arm Chair – SRP $4,500

Originally used in a private jet, the Azmah Designs Comfort Arm Chair has been re-upholstered in the original colour. The original gears allow the arm chair to swivel into several positions for comfort that would have been used for takeoff and landing.






The Azmah Designs Furniture Collection will be featured at Improve Canada, Canada’s first and only Renovation Mall which will open in the Summer of 2015.


About Creative Group Interiors Inc.:

Creative Group Interiors Inc., a full service interior design firm that has been servicing Toronto and the GTA since the early 2011 whose focus is on solution-based designs, research and the invention of new materials and products with the core principles of sustainability, functionality and aesthetics. Aisan Ahmadi, the Design Principal of Creative Group Interiors, provides residential and commercial clients with customized environmentally conscious and sustainable interior design solutions catered to all budgets. Creative Group Interiors creates new products, participates in charitable projects and believes in giving back to community and helping the society grow positively in any way possible.


About Azmah Designs:

Founded in October 2014, Azmah Designs is a division of Creative Group Interiors Inc that manufactures new products that focus on sustainability, functionality, quality and exclusivity of designs by incorporating environmental studies, multi-functionality and technology to create client and user oriented customized spaces and products. With a focus on green design and better living solutions, Azmah Designs consults on the design and conversion of buildings, spaces and products to make them accessible through simple and low cost solutions for both residential and commercial projects.

Designer Orod Tajdaran, a successful architect in Iran who runs Expose Architects and studied at OCAD to gain the required knowledge and requirements to work in design in Canada, has joined the Creative Group Interiors team in creating the Azmah Designs Furniture Collection.



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