Looking to start promoting your business in 2019? It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. The successful marketing and promotion of a company starts with great images. Here are soem ti[s to help you capture and showcase your design talents, services and products, through the lens of a camera.

Photo Tip  #1: Composition

When hiring a photographer, communication is everything. Capturing the essence of your work is not about getting all the elements of the design in the photograph, but rather about making sure the important features are captured. What is most important to showcase? How are you hoping to use the images? Will you be marketing your business , or disseminating the photos through social media? COnsider your options and tap into your professional photosgrapher’s expertise.

Photo Tip  #2: Get Organized!

Create a list of all the rooms or products to be photographed during the booking. By doing this, you’ll minimize the risk of wasted time, forgotten items and mounting costs when on site.

Photo Tip  #3: Lighting

Note the time of day that you’ll be starting the photoshoot, as lighting will changes throughout the day. Schedule the time with your photographer to consult on lighting, direction of the home or projects, and any equipment requirements in advance of your scheduled photoshoot.

Photo Tip  #4: Legal Notes…

Read contracts with your suppliers and understand their usage rights.

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