Catherine Lucie-Horber
Check out latest client coverage on House & Home Media TV. Learn how to create a space that the whole family can enjoy with designer Catherine Lucie-Horber's expert tips....
Chef Mike Ward
Eventful PR would like to welcome our latest client Toronto based chef Mike Ward. We look forward to working with him and taking his brand further.  
Toronto Designer Dvira Ovadia
Latest Design Video and article By Buzz Buzz Home is out this July and features Toronto Designer Dvira Ovadia.
Paul Semkuley
Check out Toronto Designer Paul Semkuley latest inspirational design video.
Inspiring Space - Dvira Ovadia, Paul Semkeluy, Kris Brigden
Check out the Inspiring Places, Inspiring Spaces featuring Dvira Ovadia, Paul Semkuley, Kris Brigden and others.