What's the big deal about IGTV?

12 January 2019 - 11:09am

What's all the buzz about IGTV? Hello Social blogger Simon Pilkington offers some insight.

What’s the Point of IGTV?

At a glance, you might be wondering why IGTV exists in the first place, right?

IGTV appears to be Instagram’s answer to YouTube. Again, consumption of mobile-video is at an all-time high. IGTV’s vertical video format is ideal for a mobile viewing experience. Meanwhile, no other social network holds a candle to YouTube in terms of a place to binge-watch.

Instagram’s looking to change that. The platform has promoted a fair share of influencers and YouTube personalities to help build buzz for the IGTV as it’s still getting off the ground.

While the emphasis might seem to be for big brands now, the fact remains that anyone can start uploading to IGTV.

And to get on the ground floor of the platform, it’s in your best interest to at least start experimenting as Instagram puts more and more into IGTV (think: ads are probably just on the horizon).

How to Get Started on IGTV

Signing up and uploading video to IGTV is easy.

Like, stupidly easy.

Once signed into IGTV, simply click your account icon, swipe through the confirmation screen and boom. Channel created.

In terms of uploading content, all you need is a title and description to post your video. Descriptions on IGTV follow somewhat similar rules to regular posts (but more on that later). Note that you can also upload IGTV content from a desktop.


IGTV Video Requirements

From Instagram themselves, here’s a quick rundown of the upload requirements for IGTV:

  • Videos can be between 15 seconds and ten minutes long for regular, unverified accounts

  • Videos must be in .MP4 format

  • Videos must have a 9.16 aspect ratio

  • Minimum frame rate must be at least 30 FPS: maximum resolution is 720 pixels

  • Maximum file size is 650 MB

And that’s that.

As noted, the most notable requirement of IGTV is that your videos have to be vertical. This means you can’t just take your existing YouTube of Facebook videos and dump them into IGTV.

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