Timing your video: When's the best time to put it out there?

7 March 2018 - 9:24pm

In scanning the web for the latest and greatest, we stumbled upon this great blog post about prime time for posting your videos online, written by Yael Klass, content lead at Slide.ly and priginally published HERE. Below are some excerpts we thought were highly share-worthy:

In 2018, video ads have clearly established themselves as the most valuable form of content for marketing. Businesses of all sizes are joining the revolution by creating online videos and publishing effective social media campaigns with video assets.

With the rise of the video, the role of social media outlets also grew. Social platforms represent the best way to distribute video (especially withFacebook’s algorithm giving priority to video in general) and garner great engagement and virility.

Better Distribution Means More Success

Many factors come into play in order to achieve success from video ads — especially for smaller brands and businesses. Creating videos with premium content no longer poses such a huge challenge. Rather, most marketers and brands fall short when it comes to knowing and understanding the correct factors for publishing and promoting their video ads.

One of the biggest and most important factors is publishing the video ad at the right time on each social media channel. You may know your audience very well and which distribution platform works best, but if you publish at the wrong time, you run the risk of physically missing them altogether or missing out on their receptivity for branded content. Missing out on either of these super important opportunities will definitely hinder the success of your video ads and, maybe even, the entire campaign.

Study Shows That Morning Is Best For Posting Video Ads

A study, conducted by YuMe, surveyed over 10,000 participants to examine consumption habits and ad receptivity and measure ad effectiveness. The key findings included the following:

Early Mornings Work Best for Receptivity

In their studies, YuMe found that consumer receptivity is the highest in the early hours of the morning. They found that video ads posted in the morning produced a receptivity level of 59 versus a level 45 in the evenings (on a level scale of 1-100). This means that viewers and consumers will be more likely to receive and accept branded content, but especially videos, between the hours of 3:00am and 11:59am.

What This Means For Video Marketers

Test any new video ad during these times to find which time produces the highest engagement. The highest number of views and shares will give you the best indication of which specific morning hour works best for you. Finding the right time may take several days or weeks, but in the end, you want to fine-tune it in order to catch your audience when they’re most open to your content. Once you find the time that works best, consider promoting or boosting the post during that same hour later in the week to improve conversions.

Click HERE to read the rest and find out what you can do to mke your content more memorable. (Thanks Slide.ly!)