Meredith Heron

20 Questions with Designer Meredith Heron

12 November 2014 - 7:47am

Meredith Heron What is the biggest misconception about you?
I’m a redhead & people think that I’m a hot head. I’m actually rather level headed. I’m pretty
forthright and honest, which scares some. What you see is what you get - who has time for
smoke and mirrors? Professionally speaking, people think that hiring MHD is going to be super
expensive. We do a wide range of projects of all sizes and budgets. We’re a great investment -
you can’t afford to NOT hire us.

What is the biggest mistake people make when they start decorating their homes?
The biggest mistake people make decorating is to jump in without a plan. If you can’t afford to
hire a designer/decorator, you can at the very least afford to hire them to help you develop a plan
and a strategy on how to make it happen. Most people will spend what it would cost to hire a
designer for a design concept on three visits to a Home Sense or Ikea. Invest in the plan.
Establish a realistic budget even if it means you won’t get it all done by Christmas. Buy only
what you love or have a strong affinity for. Don’t buy things you love the price of but are only
meh on.

If you could shadow any designer for a day, who would it be?
Steve Gambrel or Miles Redd.

What is your own personal design style?
I’m a Modern Traditionalist. I love the juxtaposition between old/new masculine/feminine
ornate/tailored. Pattern is my absolute jam as is colour. Loving colour doesn’t mean it is always
bold and in your face, I have been known to stop the car on a busy road in Palm Springs to get a
picture of the perfect desert sunset because of the shades of coral/blush and ink that inspired me
for my own living room palette. I’m a design junkie and I hate to be limited to only one style. !

What advice would you say to your 20 year old self now?
Forget the two University degrees and becoming a teacher, go to college and get your design
degree. (Which I did 8 years later). Also those guys you are dating, can we say “DADDY

Finish this sentence.... Good Design Is__________ !
… felt viscerally. When it’s right, it feels right to the point that it’s almost impossible to define or

Inspiration comes from many places where, what or who is yours?
My travels have been significant in my growth as a designer. Whenever I speak to young
designers or those who are wondering how to take their business to the next level I tell them that
if they aren’t travelling they will never grow beyond themselves. The travel destinations don’t
have to be exotic or remote, they just need to be not what you see every day. Understanding
relationships, seeing the way light falls in different parts of the world and how this alone affects
your surroundings inspires. Appreciating different art periods, cultures and how they interact
with materials and what inspires their artisans grows your work. Design isn’t about the
individual designer it’s about forming connections with the world beyond us and telling the story
that is unique to each of our clients. Designers are, after all, biographers. Instead of using words
to tell a story, we use an environment, objects, pieces, textiles.

Favourite design shop?
I don’t shop retail stores unless they are vintage/antique or exceptionally well curated. In
Toronto, I love Vintage Fine Objects and Decorum. In Palm Springs, I’m a consignment and
vintage store junky and repeatedly stalk them in hopes of new inventory. We also shop a lot of
stores online in Florida, Texas and California.

Favourite design book? Or go to supplier?
Miles Redd - The Big Book of Style though Jean Louis Denoit just came out with a new book
which I’m sure will be a big fave.

Classic all time fav paint colour?
We use White Dove a lot by Benjamin Moore and their Raccoon Fur as well. Mistral by C2
Paints I never tire of. !

Favourite Movie or TV set?
I wouldn’t be a designer if I didn’t love the Royal Tennenbaums. I still crack up whenever I think
about the art on the wall. A Single Man by Tom Ford is pretty amazing too.

Favourite time of year?
It used to be Fall but I’m pretty into Spring too.

What can you not live without?
My family and my phone. They will appreciate that they got top billing even though they’d
probably argue otherwise.

Favourite Quote or Saying?
Jump and the net will appear. I had that on my desk for about a year before quitting teaching to
become a designer full time.

Who is your favourite Designer or a completed project you have seen that you love?
I love my own completed projects. I’m inspired by the work of others but I don’t know their
clients so I can appreciate it as one would a painting or a sculpture but I’m not in love with
anything other than my own projects. There is no better compliment than when someone else
walks into a client’s home and says - “It feels just like you…”

What's a fav song you never get tired of ?
Hungry Like the Wolf and Rio by Duran Duran. Can’t be upset if they are playing.

Who would you most like to be stuck in a elevator with?
Tom Ford. The man oozes sex appeal and smouldering talent.

What do you love most about Toronto?
We are such a diverse city and despite what others say, (Vancouver) we are a very friendly sort

If you could choose another career what would it be?
If I couldn’t be a designer I’d be a florist.

What is your next project?
We are currently working on projects in North Carolina, Palm Springs, Boston, Regina and
Toronto. We have clients relocating from Abu Dhabi to Toronto which keeps things interesting as
our Skype meetings between Palm Springs and the UAE keep us working at all hours. We have
spent a lot of time/effort/money working with a business coach to help define our “Ideal Client”
and I’m thrilled to say that we have found this ideal and are actively working with many of them
who fit the bill.


Designer Meredith Heron of Meredith Heron Design
Well known Toronto Designer Meredith Heron has appeared on numerous TV shows in North America , as was a series regular on Restaurant Makeover for the Food Network. Her work has been showcased in various magazines and firm belief that the best design is one that both challenges and engages. @meredithheron