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Discover designer Melissa Davis’s brilliant small space decorating secrets! http://houseandhome.com/video/how-to-live-large-in-a-small-condo
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We are pleased to be supporting the team and providing great design content at Design Made Simple US Get inspired and receive great tips and advice on design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWIPgQqpz_k.
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Designer Catherine Lucie Horber show us her stylish family open concept designed kitchen space. https://youtu.be/e_CunfA_GWs
Toronto Fall Home Show - Oct 1-4, 2015
Come meet our designer clients this week Click here to get all details visit http://www.fallhomeshow.com   ​
William MacDonald - Eventful PR
Latest House & Home Video featuring William MacDonald showing how to accessorize using affordable colourful accessories from Walmart. Watch here
Meet Melissa Davis - Eventful PR
Looking to do some fall decorating?  FREE 15 minute design consults LIVE at the Reno and Decor's booth at Toronto Fall Home Show. Oct 3 & 4, 1-3pm meet Melissa Davis Check out on line for more information
Toronto Designer Dvira Ovadia latest child's space was featured this month on the Marc & Mandy show. The segment offers some valuable tips /advice for creating a space that will grow in time with your child. https://youtu.be/KW9tcnvnNHQ
This month we have planned the upcoming BMW Mini Launch Event in Oakville. Looking forward to revealing the latest Mini car model. Be sure to visit.  
Designer Melissa Davis talks lighting tips with Buzz Buzz Home at Royal Lighting in Toronto. Bad lighting is hard to ignore. Good lighting, on the other hand, is easily overlooked. For tips on how to choose the best lighting fixtures, we turned to HGTV designer Melissa Davis. She brought us to Royal Lighting in Toronto to show us how it's done.... Read more
Latest Embark magazine interviews Toronto Designer William MacDonald http://www.embarkmagazine.com/  


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