As a business whose goal is to sell your products or services, this question has probably come to your mind before: Why should I spend time writing blog posts about my business? The following blog post originally published by Locallogy discusses how to leverage your content to make a sale.

Before you abandon your will to blog, let us start off by saying yes, blogging for your business is worth your time and effort. If you’re still on the fence, start here.

Once you’ve committed to keeping up with your blog, you can start to consider the next big question:

How do I use my blog posts to help make more sales?

When you utilize your content in a variety of ways, you’ll find it’s much easier to get more viewers, increase SEO results and hopefully see more sales as a result. Here are five simple ways you can turn your blog readers into customers.

1. Tie Your Products/Services into the Post’s Subject

Blog posts should provide some sort of useful information about your industry. However, you can easily find ways to mention your own products or services in the content.

For example, if you’re a home remodeler and you’re writing a blog post about how to properly clean marble countertops, you could talk about specific name brands and products you carry, and then link to those pages of your website.

Which brings us to…

2. Link to Your Other Content

Think of blog posts as an outlet to all the content on your website. Not just other blog posts, but content about your company, your services and specials, too. Each blog post provides an opportunity for you to create internal links to your own website, and draw attention to your products and services.

Every time you reference a product—like the marble countertop example we mentioned earlier—link to that page of your website. It will draw attention to that particular product, as well as create more links, which is good for SEO.

3. Use Keywords & Phrases

Another helpful tip for SEO is to use longtail keywords that you think people would be searching for. By titling your article something like “How to Clean Your Marble Countertops in 4 Easy Steps,” you are using specific keywords (“marble countertops”), as well as a longtail keyword phrase (“how to clean your marble countertops”).

Using these keywords will make your blog post more SEO friendly, which will help you show up in more search results.

4. Share Your Work on Social Media

You’re putting time and effort into writing blog posts for your business, so why not share them to get more views? Sharing a link to your blog post in a variety of places is one of the fastest ways to spread your content and get more views.

If you have social media profiles for your business—something most businesses nowadays have—share your posts with all of your followers. It’s a simple way to engage and possibly get them to share your work, too.

5. Email Your Content to Customers

Another way to share your content is through an email newsletter. This puts your latest content directly in the inboxes of your customers and those who have expressed interest in your business. We send out a weekly blog post update, as well as a monthly roundup of our content, and subscribers can choose how often they want to receive updates.

This article was originally published Locallogy.