Kentwood Flooring
Eventful PR is pleased to announce their latest new client Kentwood Flooring.  This Metropolitan’s flagship product line offers a unique collection of premium quality genuine hardwood floors Unique custom-designed colors, hand-worked artisan surface treatments and innovative finishes are just some of the high value features that have made... Read more
Cross Promotion Strategy
Cross promotion is an effective and often inexpensive way to get your brand messaging in front of a wider audience. By linking your product or service with a similar or related product or service you leverage the existing audience and perception of each brand to help the other. Cross promotion, when done right, has a number of positive benefits... Read more
Melissa Davis in Interiors
Melissa Davis talks about her ‘mad love’ for Hamilton, the importance of tidy and her favourite Sunday afternoons.   Download the PDF
Dvira Ovadia Interiors
Designer Dvira Ovadia shares some tips on how to extend holiday decor into the winter months
Video is an extremely important part of any online marketing plan. If you’re not taking advantage of this extremely versatile tool, it’s time to start. Here are just a few reasons why. Video is a visual medium. It’s easy to understand with a minimum amount of investment for viewers who can literally sit back and watch. Video allows you to quickly... Read more