Looking to find out what some of the 2015 upcoming home trends will be? "Style Spotters" for this years fall HighPoint design show in US. selected and made note of some of the emerging trends ahead.   Follow the link http://press.highpointmarket.org/... Read more
Jennifer Valentyne
What's on your Santa Wish List? I've never made a list, .not even when I was a kid. I never think about what I want. I truly feel it's better to give than receive. I don't need anything. Surprises are always nice though :) What is your favourite all time holiday Movie? It's a Wonderful Life of course. How do you decorate for the Christmas ... Read more
Fall Home Show
This Fall some our design clients participated in the Design Dilemma feature. Thank you to Upcountry for supporting Evelyn Eshun Interiors. The booth was a great success which garnered media attention on BTV.
Meredith Heron
What is the biggest misconception about you? I’m a redhead & people think that I’m a hot head. I’m actually rather level headed. I’m pretty forthright and honest, which scares some. What you see is what you get - who has time for smoke and mirrors? Professionally speaking, people think that hiring MHD is going to be super expensive. We do... Read more