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Stain App  - First Aid
It happens to the best of us...a "Stain Emergency". This stain app is your go to first aid kit for cleaning all your carpet stains. It features step-by-step, easy to follow instructions on how to minimize or eliminate over 50 common household carpet stains. It even features video instructions for the most common stains. Download the Stain... Read more
Designer Dvira Ovadia showcases several bathroom spaces she designed for a large growing family   House&Home Media.  
Designer Catherine-Lucie Horber - Royal Interior Design Ltd
Embrace The New Home Trends .... I am pleased to share some of the evolving new trends for 2015 .  Often working with clients I can show them things that are so beautiful and in style like a bold beautiful wall paper for an accent wall, or stunning patterns on drapery fabrics . The reality is that it is not necessarily the item that classifies... Read more
Kate Davidson
A New Year has begun and many are looking to know what is on trend for the coming year. Some of our favourite designers reveal their favourite homes design trends for 2015.   Interior Designer Evelyn Eshun My favourite overall trend is that there is more attention to detail and a sense of elegant glamour in the décor world... Read more
Looking to refresh your space in 2015 with colour?  We hear often from our clients that colour is easy , fun and the most important part of decorating a space. Here Are Some inspirational Books On Colour................   Hope you find your inspiration     Farrrow & Ball The Arty Of Colour by Brian D Coleman   Perfect Palettes by... Read more
Looking to find out what some of the 2015 upcoming home trends will be? "Style Spotters" for this years fall HighPoint design show in US. selected and made note of some of the emerging trends ahead.   Follow the link
Fall Home Show
This Fall some our design clients participated in the Design Dilemma feature. Thank you to Upcountry for supporting Evelyn Eshun Interiors. The booth was a great success which garnered media attention on BTV.
 Interior Designer Evelyn Eshun
Thinking of a fall bathroom reno?  Here are some of my fav designer tips:   Highly polished surfaces will generally provide a more formal look while matte finishes will tend to create a more casual looking bathroom. Typical Minimum shower size is 32” x 32’,  but look for  54” x 36”  for added space and  luxury to your bath space Look... Read more
Paul Semkuley
Fall is the perfect time of year when we start to change up our living spaces. Toronto Stylist Paul Semkuley shares some of his fav shopping tips   When shopping for decorative pillows, use a wide range of fabrics to bring texture: cottons, linens, chenilles, velvets, suede and leathers all bring a very sensuousness and tactile experience.  ... Read more
Aisan Ahmadi Toronto-based Principal Designer with Creative Group Interiors. The firm designs large & small scale spaces and provides distinctive and uniquely personal interiors for both residential and commercial clients throughout the Whether it’s in a house, condo, store or even exteriors, lighting is very... Read more


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