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Dvira Ovadia, Dvira Interiors
Toronto-based celebrity & award winning designer Dvira Ovadia Principal of Dvira Interiors is known for her appearances and design work on various HGTV shows. Servicing clientele throughout Ontario & GTA.  www.dvira.com      What is the biggest misconception about you?  People thing I’m shy at first glance, I may come... Read more
Jennifer Valentyne
What's on your Santa Wish List? I've never made a list, .not even when I was a kid. I never think about what I want. I truly feel it's better to give than receive. I don't need anything. Surprises are always nice though :) What is your favourite all time holiday Movie? It's a Wonderful Life of course. How do you decorate for the Christmas ... Read more
Meredith Heron
What is the biggest misconception about you? I’m a redhead & people think that I’m a hot head. I’m actually rather level headed. I’m pretty forthright and honest, which scares some. What you see is what you get - who has time for smoke and mirrors? Professionally speaking, people think that hiring MHD is going to be super expensive. We do... Read more
Celebrity Chef Chef Massimo
What is the biggest misconception about you? I wouldn’t know! What you see is what you get!   Inspiration comes from many places where, what or who is yours? Travelling and learning about the cultures behind the food   What is your personal cooking style? Rustic, elegant, regional & seasonal   Finish this sentence.... I love my job because—it’... Read more
Karl Lohnes
What is the biggest misconception about you? That I am unapproachable; that being in the media means I might cost a lot of money to hire, or am too busy to take on a decorating job.   What is the biggest mistake people make when they start decorating their homes? They choose a room’s paint colour first & they buy furniture that measures... Read more
Taylor Kaye
The familiar voice of Taylor Kaye can be heard in many commercials as well as daily on KiSS 92.5 from 9-3 , product expert on CBC TV on The Steven and Chris show and reporter for City TV News Channel. & on air host for Chatelaine Radio. She is mom to three adorable girls. Enjoys cottage time and In her free time Taylor likes to run and likes... Read more
Get To Know - Karen Sealy  Award-winning Designer Karen Sealy Karen is the owner of Sealy Design Inc, and is a regular decor expert on Cityline and is the host and designer of HGTV’s S1 "Summer Home". Karen is also the winner of HGTV’s Designer SuperStar Challenge and has been featured in a variety of media outlets from the New York Times and Elle... Read more
Summer Hair Care Tips and Tricks In the summertime, your hair tends to attract and absorb more pollution, allergens, airborne dust and dirt. So, when shampooing your hair, it's important to lather up just a little bit more in the summer than during the winter in order to eliminate those free radicals.   Water Temperature It’s very important... Read more
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